Do you love our hair brand? Enjoy posting quality pictures and videos? absolutely enjoy showing off your hair? Our hair brand might just be the dream place for you....


Who can become a brand ambassador?
If you’re a hair-lover and you’re looking to elevate your content we want to hear from you! Whatever your style; glam, edgy or girl-next-door, we want to collaborate with you!


  • Requirements:
  • To be 18+
  • Willing to take great content for us 
  • Consistent posting
  • Good engagement 

What are the benefits of becoming an ambassador for PBeauty Hair?

When you become a PBeauty Hair Brand Ambassador you're officially part of the brand and we want you to express that and shout it at the top of your lungs! we're always so happy for ambassadors to join our team and you play a huge role. 

Each month you will have certain goals to complete such as bringing any traffic, sales and completing any content we need or posting about sales or new launches. The more you enjoy yourself and complete tasks the more rewards, invitations and gifting you will be opening yourself up to including our exclusive "Tag & Follow" Collaborations that will gain yourself and the brand new following.

Our goals for you can be uploading new content each week, creating new looks, certain videos and content we need for marketing. We’ll reward you with commission and free hair products. We’ll even provide you with your own discount code to share to your followers to help you along the way.