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Tape in Hair Extensions


What are Tape in Extensions?

Tape-in Extensions are a thin strip of taped weft that get taped in between your natural hair, row by row and is applied into a sandwiched, with your natural hair being in the middle. This method is safe for your hair and requires no hot tools and can last up to 3 months.

Tape in hair extensions are our go-to when it comes to life spam this is due to the fact you can renew your tape ins by applying new tape. The hair itself is human hair and can be re-used again and again with the right care.


Single drawn Vs double drawn.

So, tape in extensions are made in different qualities: single drawn and double drawn; both in which are amazing and depends on the customers preference.

Single drawn also known as natural drawn are the most popular choice; this is because they create a natural look and contain multiple lengths of hair mixed into each tape in. The hair at the top being thick, tapers at the middle and is thin on the ends, this mimics the average natural head of hair and gives you a natural "no-hair extensions" look.

Double drawn hair extensions are the same length throughout the taped weft and are the most luxurious because they're full and thick from top to bottom.


Skin weft tape ins.

Skin weft (Invisi tape) extensions are applied the same way as any other standard tape ins; like a sandwich and applied with no heat or chemicals. Skin weft extensions are created to give the appearance that the hair is growing from your scalp and are lay flay for a more seamless application.





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