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What Is a Non Lace Wig

What is a non-lace wig? 

Non-lace front wigs are wigs that have all of the same components of a lace front wig, without the lace at the front. This does will mean that the very front of the wig when worn can be more challenging to create a natural hairline with. This is because there is no lace at the front to give the wig a seamless hairline look.


We create our wigs with the softest most exclusive hair to avoid a fake high shine so that this can add a touch of realistic-ness to your non lace wigs. Non-lace wigs are perfect for your first buy or for an Instagram photoshoot! We try to only make our non-lace wigs 150% density to ensure our wigs are not too thick and can lay flat at the front.

There are still many ways a non-lace wig can look natural and our customers are killing it right now!

1. Blend your wigs parting to make it look like your scalp by using foundation that is the same colour as your skin


2. Cut baby hairs and lay them


3. Leave your hairline out at the front of the wig


We hope this blog helped. Comment any further questions below.

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