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5 Winter Hair Care Tips

We're approaching summer in June and this gives you every reason to start using hair products to recover your hair from all the harsh weathers! Say bye-bye to brittle frizzy hair, say hi to smoother silkier hair!

We can all agree that winter is the season cold weather gets the best of us all, pulling out its natural oils leaving our hair brittle and dehydrated.

Here are 5 Hair essentials we use weekly (or every fortnight to lock in moisture and fight against winter damaged hair:

1.Aloe Vera


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This one may not come as a surprise as Aloe Vera is one of the most top used plants in the beauty industry due to its promising benefits and nourishing properties. Packed with plenty of Vitamins and Minerals, also acting out as a conditioner. Aloe Vera is sure to leave your hair feeling and looking amazing, it rejuvenates the hair giving it more elasticity and prevents breakage.

Whether it be raw coconut oil, coconut hair masks, shampoos or conditioners, coconut will revive and re-hydrate your hair, snapping it back to its healthy ways.
Try using the popular ‘7th Heaven’ Coconut protein rescue masque for your Hair and Roots. Its cost effective and won't break your bank account yet works wonders! Try using it weekly or every two weeks to maintain results. It's so creamy and contains Quinoa (pronounced Keenwa which is high in protein) it leaves your hair feeling smooth and lightweight.
3. Hot Hair Oils
Okay, so first let's just take a moment to embrace how grateful we are or should be for the existence of Hot hair oils…
Hot hair oils should be your go-o! We cannot preach to you enough about how beneficial and important they’re and will do wonders for your hair.
 So, if you have yet to try these treatments, start adding to your online carts or plan a trip to your nearest cosmetics shop. I promise you will not be disappointed with the results.
Benefits include:  Preventing split ends and breakage, reviving dry hair, dry scalp and brittle hair. Now can you see why they’re a go-to fave?
They work your scalp and your hair.
 4.Olive Oil 
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This is one we use frequently without a doubt! The benefits reverse every single damage coursed by the Cold weather. You can use it as a leave-in hair oil or a Hair oil mask for 30 minutes. You should be able to find this at any supermarket.
This oil will tame frizzy curls or brittle hair and add softness locking in moisture to protect keratin. Olive oil also repairs skin tissue and many people use it as a skin oil. This would be perfect for softly massaging the scalp if you suffer from dandruff or a sensitive scalp.
5 .Banana
You probably already knew this, but Banana is very good for your hair and works well as a Hair mask before shampooing. It's where the fun begins because you can create your own DIY masks adding other kitchen ingredients. Try adding Both Banana and Olive oil together. We recommend leaving the hair mask in for 30 minutes before washing out. This fruit prevents split ends and breakage giving life to dull brittle hair.
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