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How To Apply A Wig For Beginners

How to apply your wig in 4 easy steps for beginners

This is a question Our Brand  gets asked all the time and you shouldn't shy away from this question or not buy a wig you absolutely love because of this! We're always here to help! Here are some useful tips to help you slay your wigs!


Step #1. Prep Your Hair

Prep your hair by braiding 6 or more plaits. The more braids you do the flatter your hair will be because the braids will be smaller.


Step #2. Apply Your Wig Cap

Use our wig cap to cover your cornrows and glue the cap just below the edges of your natural hair, then blend the cap using foundation (if necessary)


Step #3. Apply Your Wig

Apply your wig starting from the back first, then pulling it on towards the front.


Step #4. Style

Finally, once your hair has been prep'd and your wig has been applied you can style your wig & SLAY all day.




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