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Autumn Hair Colour Trends

Autumn (or fall as American refer to it as) is here! The season of pumpkin spicehot chocolate, warmer clothes, and cinnamon candles & incense sticks!  Autumn has come and summer has passed — which means your summer hair may be in need of a little refresh from natural sun bleaching and tired burnt out hair.

If you’re needing a little fall inspo aside from Pinterest pumpkins and fall outfits, you WANT to read this! We will be covering all the top Autumn hair colours of 2021 and the celebs that are rocking them. Everything from Brown Balayage, Platinum and Bronde! We got you... and we’re here to give you all the inspo and information you need for your next salon trip.

Let’s jump right into our favourite autumn hair colour trends.





Feeling hot? Burning up the Autumn 2021 hair colour trend is our favourite: red! It’s no surprise to us that these rich red tones would be a huge hit for fall, but they’ve also been a hit all year round and we can't help but obsess over it!

Following in the footsteps of Some of your favourite celebrities like; Sarah Drew, these copper red tones with golden hints are causing heat waves throughout our Instagram feeds! Opting for a more natural red this year is key to the perfect shade! Get some major hair inspo with our Giselle Wig, this can always hep you figure out if it's worth dying your own natural hair.


Some of your favourite celebrities like; Isla Fisher, Madelaine Petsch and Jessica Chastain. 


autumn hair



Bronde is officially the newest “it” girl colour - it’s blonde’s sister playing both sides - Bronde. A perfect combination of blonde and brunette, this mixed shade is everywhere! we would be crazy not to put it on the list. Bronde is making its way to take over the 2021 fall hair colour trend for sure and we are all here for it!

Without a doubt if you're having commitment issues with which side to dye, bronde is your newest best friend. If you need added length and volume to your new bronde hair we got you girl! 


This hair color has been seen on some of our favorites like; Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie, Olivia Palermo and so many more.


balayage hair extensions



Although Jet Black will always be a classic hair colour, we’ve noticed it's taken a warmer turn for this year's 2021 hair trend. If you love the dark side but crave a little warmth for autumn , then this is the perfect shade for you.

Instead of a blue-undertone, when you take a trip to your hair salon, ask your hair colorist to add a little warmth to your shade with some golden, reddish-brown tones. When Autumn sun hits your locks, your hair will be radiate a warm, natural glow.


This warm black has been spotted on some of our fav celebs like; Kacey Musgraves, Kim Kardashian & Megan Fox.


kim kardashian black hair



One of our favourites! have you noticed a more au-natural look to models lately? We know we have, and it screams natural brunettes! More and more celebs are gravitating towards a natural chestnut brown to give the girl next door a darker look! This sweet and simple colour is the perfect tone for a warm fall coffee or hot chocolate date! If it’s not your natural colour already, it's super achievable for anyone looking to add a little depth to their hair without committing to a darker brunette shade. The perfect colour for in-between stages of light to dark, or dark to light! A true classic, you’ll be sure to never not be on trend with this stunning shade!



We’ve seen this colour sported on some celebs like; Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, Lily Collins, and Miranda Kerr to name a few.


Chrissy Teigen



Caramel macchiato in Autumn? Yes please! We are obsessing over these trending caramel hues! Ciara has sported this colour as her signature hair look over the last few years and all of us can agree, this hair colour is bomb and a must have! These caramel highlights can be as bold or as subtle as you want — we’ve seen them as face framing highlights to full heads. Although this colour is trending for Autumn hair colours, it’s a long lasting trend that we’ve seen develop over the years and stay.

This shade is great for anyone who is hesitant on going blonde, and still wants to incorporate a brunette shade as a base. If you have a warmer skin-tone, using warmer blonde tones will make you GLOW! We also love this as a balayage combo too!



Celebs like Olivia Culpo are rocking face framing caramel highlights and we’ve seen bolder highlights on JLo, and Desi Perkins.

Jlo hair inspo


Like, what did we ever do before balayage came on the scenes? We called it roots! LOL! Thankfully your grown out roots have had a turn of events and is now the “it” colour! (thank god because sometimes we need an excuse for our hair growing out) We are loving this low maintenance colour trend that has taken over our IG feeds for the last couple of years! getting millions of well deserved hashtags! Every celeb you love is most likely rocking this colour trend for fall 2021. If you’re anything like us, and love too many shades, balayage is the perfect trend to let you have more than one. To enhance your balayage for fall, opt for warmer shades and darker roots! If you’re hesitant on committing to dying your hair, we suggest trying out our balayage hair extensions to give you some extra “umpf” for your apple Autumn/Fall photoshoots!


Balayage is all over our feeds; stars like Jessica Biel, Lily Aldridge and Rihanna.


balayage 2021



We are still in love with platinum blonde but here comes a creamier shade.. call it platinum blondes sister and we love her! If platinum is a little too blonde or pale for you, you might want to try this warmer version for autumn. If you're a platinum girl at heart, but want a little change up for the season, this is the perfect warmer shade for you. The perfect in-between of platinum and bleach with a subtle hint of caramel undertones, this blonde shade is here to prove blonde’s really do have more fun! If you’re in need of a little inspo to bring to your colourist, Reese Witherspoon has all the angles of this perfect shade. 


Reese Witherspoon



If you haven’t noticed already, autumn is all about warmer tones. If you’re ready to go all the way, then cinnamon hair is for you. Exactly like how it sounds cinnamon brunette shades and copper tones are all the rave for trending fall hair colours! If you need more inspiration on this beautiful trending colour, Pinterest has every shade you'll need to bring to your next hair appointment!


We’ve seen some daring celebs like Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, Meghan Trainor and Julia Roberts rock the copper/cinnamon brunette look and literally kill it!


Kylie Jenner



Black’s unruly sister — when you can’t commit to black, go brack. Brack is the hottest trending colour for anyone daring to be bold without the drastic change to jet black. Just how it sounds, Brack is the darkest shade of brown right before the colour black. So if you’re ready for a rich, deep colour, this is the shade for you!


Some inspo for your next hair appointment could be; Ayesha Curry, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Connelly.


kim k


You’ve had the full autumn breakdown, now it’s time to try and dye! Fall hair colours rely heavily on warmer undertones and shades, so whatever colour you like, remember to add warm tones to heat things up on those chilly, autumn nights! Whatever shade you pick, you’ll surely be trending this autumn. If you still need inspiration for the perfect shade, we suggest checking out our website for hair extensions & wigs we have so man colours to give you even more colour ideas:


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