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Trending Hair Colours in 2023 - Ginger Hair

Trending Hair Colours in 2023

It's a fact: there is no magic 8-ball that can accurately forecast the precise beauty trends that will dominate in the next coming year. On the other hand, there are celebrity colourists who are highly regarded and have a strong eye for recognising (and even originating) hair colour trends months before they occur. These colourists are experts.

Go a step further than the rest of the world and begin planning your next hair look for the coming year as everyone else begins to focus on a new image for the upcoming holiday season. Who doesn't enjoy being one step ahead? or at the very least, one step ahead of TikTok? The most exciting hair colour trends for 2023 will be even more intensified and colourful versions of this year's most popular colours and colouring processes. If you have been considering an extensive change to how something looks, consider using these deep hues as the ideal spot to begin the process. Ginger Hair Colour A dizzying variety of crimson hues are available for people with hair of this tone. There are many shades of red hair, from auburn to cherry cola to copper, but how can you tell which one is best? Or which one will complement you the most? Continue reading for some red inspiration and some of our favourite ideas for red hair colour!


1. Ginger Orange



Model and actress zendaya on the red carpet with ginger hair posing for picture

The tones of ginger oranges are trendy right now, and they look even more stunning when viewed beneath the blazing heat of the summer sun. This shade looks good on most people, but those with yellow or olive undertones may not find it as flattering as a more excellent red would be for them.




Kendall Jenner

Kendall jenner ginger hair selfie

Golden copper is a shade that can be described as being between strawberry blonde and ginger orange, with the primary distinction being the presence of golden undertones. The use of highlights produces a dimension that brings this shade closer to blonde without diminishing the reddish undertones that are naturally there.




Musician Tems with long ginger red hair

 Coral copper, often known as bright strawberry, is a stunning colour that combines traditional copper with undertones of pink. The presence of pink in this shade of red hair enables us to remain in the copper world without becoming too red or too deep, thanks to the pink's moderating effect. When applied correctly and maintained in a vivid state, this colour may create a stunning impact on almost any skin tone.



Sydney Sweeney

sydney sweeneys strawberry blonde hair posing on the red carpet

 A natural strawberry blonde has a light, airy, and somewhat pinkish appearance. This exquisite tint naturally occurs in some people (the lucky ones); however, at the salon, this tone can change according to the customer's desires. Those who have skin that is more complimented by pink tones rather than gold tones can easily adjust this by their stylist while personalising their colour.



Keke Palmer

keke palmers pumpkin spice ginger curly hair

It makes sense that pumpkin spice is most popular around Halloween because it appears everywhere and chases people like a villain in a horror movie. It is particularly appropriate since October is the month when pumpkin spice is most popular. Pumpkin spice is a flavour that becomes popular in the fall in a wide range of goods, including candles, hand soaps, chocolates, and, of course, the original Starbucks beverage. Pumpkin spice is the perfect hair colour that compliments all skin tones.



Pumkin spice hair colour on curly hair

Consider giving your appearance some beautiful highlights for a cool, spin on the pumpkin. The contrast beautifully highlights the structure of the curls and provides the hair with a just-washed-off-the-beach impression. This is one of our favourite looks from the red hair variety.


We hope you loved the hair inspiration. Comment and let us know which one you loved the most 🤍 Shop our Ginger Wigs

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