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The difference between a Lace front wig and a Non lace wig

Whats the difference between a Lace front wig and a Non lace front wig?


Its quite clear in the names really.. one has lace and one does not have lace. This is a question we get all the time so please do not feel silly for asking these types of questions, we understand people want to know the difference as into what they look like. 

Lets walk you through a simple easy guide on each wig.



Lace front, Lace front wigs, lace wig. Which ever word you wish to use, has lace across the front. Lace front wigs do not have lace towards the back (that would be a 360 lace wig).

Lace front wigs give you a natural no-wig look and is the perfect choice for those who want that full natural hairline look. Lace front wigs should also have a lace parting so that when you prep your hair underneath and cornow/plait it, the lace parting can also sit above your real scalp and can blend in.

Lace front wigs cost more than a non lace wig due to there being lace and having the benefits of being more natural looking. Our lace front wigs currently range from £40 and up.

As for the hair, we make our lace front wigs and non lace wigs with the same smooth, thick hair. Being a non lace wig does not take our brand away from making quality wigs regardless of the price.



Non-lace front wigs have no lace at all including the parting. They either have a sewn in parting or a scalp parting, this depends on the wig and its construction. 

We usually fall this style of wig into the Cosplay Category. 

Regardless of the non lace across the front our non-lace wigs are equally as popular. Customers mention... still, that they're amazing and have natural looking hair. Prices fall below the price of £40




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