Balenciaga Backlash

Balenciaga Backlash

Balenciaga has been trending all over the internet but not for all the right reasons! people are shocked at how boldly Balenciaga has been promoting and advertising sexual content to children. People thought that would be the last of it after the last "Bondage Bear" (BDSM) Campaign where the luxury designer brand shot children posing with bondage bears dressed in leather straps and chokers, with disturbing background art.

A few people from Tiktok wrote "THIS IS NOT FASHION, THIS IS PEDOCRACY'  and "Balenciaga is very much cancelled in my eyes, I don't care what explanation they come up with. Don't mess with children" after The luxury brand released a campaign photograph with subliminal wording "Michael Borremans' and the public are questioning who is Michael Borremans.

The hashtag #cancelbalenciaga is currently circled and members of the public are questioning when and if reality show star Kim Kardashian will respond. A few people added: "It all makes sense when typing in 'Michael Borremans' seeing the content and then revisiting Kim Kardashians Balenciaga Met Gala 2021 Look" 



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