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How To Apply Lace Front Wigs

Using a lace front wig allows you to achieve a realistic hairline and create various hairstyles with ease. From sleek and straight to voluminous curls, the possibilities are endless. But how do you apply a lace front wig for the best results?

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps from choosing the right wig for your face shape, preparing your natural hair for a secure fit, and applying lace front wigs for a seamless natural look.

Preparing Your Natural Hair for the Application

Before applying your lace front wig, it's essential to prepare your natural hair to ensure a smooth and secure fit. Follow these steps to get your hair ready:

  1. Start by washing and conditioning your natural hair. Use a gentle shampoo and a nourishing conditioner to keep your hair clean and moisturized.

  2. Weave your natural hair in a protective style before applying the wig. This will help to keep your natural hair flat and secure underneath the wig.

Applying the Lace Front Wig - Step by Step Guide

Now that your natural hair is prepped and ready, it's time to apply your lace front wig. Follow these steps for a flawless and natural-looking application:

  1. Prepare Your Skin: Cleanse your forehead and hairline with a gentle cleanser or alcohol-free toner. This will remove any oils or residue that may interfere with the adhesive. Allow your skin to dry completely before proceeding.
  1. Apply Adhesive: There are several types of adhesives available for lace front wigs, including glue, tape, and adhesive sprays. Choose the option that works best for you and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application. Apply a thin layer of adhesive along your hairline, ensuring that it's evenly distributed.
  1. Cut the Lace: Carefully trim the excess lace around the perimeter of the wig. Leave a small amount of lace to create a natural-looking hairline. Be cautious not to cut too close to the hairline, as this may cause the wig to fray or unravel.
  1. Position the Wig: Place the lace front wig on your head, aligning the hairline with your natural hairline. Gently press down on the lace to secure it in place. Use a mirror to ensure that the wig is centered and properly positioned.
  1. Secure the Wig: Once the wig is in position, use a fine-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to blend your natural hair with the lace front wig hair. This will create a seamless transition and ensure that the wig looks natural and undetectable. Adjust the wig as needed to achieve the desired look.
  1. Style and Customize: Now that your lace front wig is securely in place, it's time to style and customize it to your liking. You can use heat styling tools, such as flat irons or curling wands, to create different looks. Experiment with different partings, updos, and hairstyles to find what suits you best.
  1. Final Touches: Once you're satisfied with your look, use a small amount of wig-friendly styling products to enhance the style and hold. Avoid using heavy products that can weigh down the wig or cause build-up. Lastly, check the wig for any visible lace or uneven edges, and make any necessary adjustments.

How to Choose the Right Lace Front Wig for Your Face Shape

  1. Round Face: If you have a round face shape with full cheeks and a rounded chin, opt for lace front wigs with long layers or styles that add height on top. This will create the illusion of length and balance out the roundness of your face.

    Selena Gomez wearing a sideswept layers hairstyle
  1. Oval Face: Lucky you! Oval face shapes are considered the most versatile, as they can pull off almost any wig style. Experiment with different lengths, textures, and partings to find your perfect match.

    celebrity wearing ponytail
  1. Square Face: Square faces have a strong jawline and a square-shaped hairline. Soften your features with lace front wigs that have wispy layers and length. These styles will add a touch of femininity and create a more balanced look.

    Angelina Jolie wearing long wispy layers
  1. Heart Face: Heart-shaped faces have a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Balance your features with lace front wigs that have volume around the jawline. Sleek ponytails or shoulder-length styles with layers will complement your face shape beautifully.

    Kourtney Kardashian wearing long sleek ponytail
  1. Diamond Face: Diamond-shaped faces have a narrow hairline and a pointed chin. Opt for lace front fringe wigs with volume and width around the temples and cheekbones. This will help to create the illusion of a fuller, more balanced face shape.

    Rihanna wearing fringe wavy bob

    Conclusion and Final Tips for Flawless Lace Front Wig Application

    Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to apply a lace front wig like a pro. With practice, applying a lace front wig will become easier and quicker, so don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries to get it right.

    Remember to be patient and take your time to achieve a seamless and natural-looking hairstyle.

    So go ahead, rock your lace front wig with confidence and enjoy the transformation it brings!

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