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I Tip Hair Extensions

What are I Tip Extensions?

I tip hair extensions also known as 'Stick tip' extensions are designed for the micro ring application method. This method is used so that the hair stays in place using no heat or glue. I tips (stick tips) are considered one of the safest hair extensions because they cause no damage to your hair when applying them.

I tips are fitted taking a section of your natural individual hair and threading either a micro copper ring onto the hair using a pulling needle, then using hair pliers to seal and secure the extensions for a comfortable healthy application.

Our hair extensions last between 6-12 months.

Removing the extensions is an easy process, which is why it makes them such a popular choice. To remove you would simply use pliers to squeeze the ring that has been pushed flat during the fitting process in the opposite direction so that it opens and the hair extensions can slip out freely


Currently our brand does not do fittings or hair dresser services, however if the demand rises this will be something we will launch. So if this is something you'd love our brand to offer please leave a comment or reach out via email: pbeautypost@gmail.com





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