is hair fall normal

Is Wig Hair Fall Normal

Is Wig Hair Fall Normal?

Yes, Light shedding of your wig is completely normal. Think about it.... the wig is sewn together using hair tracks/wefts, then sewn onto a cap, not sewn to your scalp. So light shedding/hair fall is definitely normal.


Natural hair goes through shedding when washed or brushed and this can be the same for wigs too, however we do have a great blog on how to take care of your wig and reduce excessive shedding.

When we talk about shedding, by all means this does not mean a handful of thick hair-fall, like how you would have if your hair is 3A-4C and its wash day! This is just a comparison and would be seen as excessive (wig) shedding and would need to be returned. 

We have seen situations where a little hair fall sends the customer into panic mode thinking the hair is not of good quality, this is absolutely fine so strands falling when you brush is normal. We have great blogs on how to take care of your wigs




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