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 What's the difference between a Lace-front and a Non-lace front wig?

A Lace front has lace at the front giving the illusion of a natural hair line making your wig look like your natural hair. A non-lace front wig has an unnatural hairline, this does not majorly effect the look as 45% of wigs we sell are still non-laced and we have amazing feedback on how natural our non-laced wigs hair looks. 

Where is my receipt

We are a brand that is mindful of the environment and are paperless. We avoid printing as much paper as we can to contribute to a better planet. All customers will receive a PDF Version of their receipt. This does not effect customers being able to return their goods.

Is this wig heat resistant?

Yes! All of our wigs are heat resistant. All of our synthetic wigs have a heat tolerance of Max.160°C.

Please do not perm our synthetic hair wigs as if you do, we’re not responsible for any damage coursed to the wig in your possession. 

Our human hair wigs have a Max heat tolerance at 250°C. Our human hair wigs are perm-able. 

Can I dye my wig?

If your wig is synthetic then you cannot dye your synthetic hair wig with human hair dye. You can dye our human hair only.

Can i return my order that i purchased on a sale?

Any items purchased with a discount code are eligible for a return but your funds will be refunded by store credit only! this store credit will not expire.

Any items purchased on a automatic sale are non refundable.

All non lace front wigs are non returnable.

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