How to fix your curl pattern and bring your curls back to life?

Years of heat styling, hot tools, harsh chemicals/formulas, and product build-up will result in your hair not looking its best. It’s time to reclaim your beautiful curls! But you may just think that all you need to do is ban hair-straighteners from your hair routine... restoring your curls to their natural form requires a little more attention. 

Due to the natural shape of curly hair strands, build-up often occurs at the roots as product finds it more difficult to travel down the curly hair pattern. Start your recovery curl journey by giving by pressing the reset button and cleansing it of any stubborn build-up, oils, and dirt. Here are some hair products everyone swears by:


Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil Tea Tree

black castor oil

This multi-use oil formula is enriched with antibacterial tea tree, which works to remove dead skin cells, oil, and product build-up from your hair, leaving it fresh and clean. The oil formula means that whilst its cleansing, it doesn’t strip the hair of any natural moisture, which is an essential for getting your curls back into shape.



Seen popular amongst the American community, OUIDAD are a go-to for those with curly hair. One of the most coveted secrets of the curly girl community is co-washing. Co-washing is when you wash your hair with a conditioner, rather than a traditional shampoo. Although the idea of washing your hair with conditioner may immediately spark fear in those of you who are afraid of oily roots, trust us, this method is worth trying out. A lot of shampoos can be really dry your hair out which is why this method is recommended. The tips to keep in mind here are to rinse thoroughly and don’t use a formula that is too heavy for your hair – stick to more lightweight conditioners. Yes, your hair may look slightly greasier in the beginning, but the results in the long run will be worth it.

If shampoo is something you can't live without, make sure you're only shampooing your roots and allow the shampoo to run down your hair naturally or you can go for a Shampoo & Conditioner Mix.


Avoid dry brushing

Some people say that you shouldn't brush your hair whilst its wet as your hair is more fragile but we personally couldn't disagree more! Brushing your hair gently whilst its wet , with conditioner in it helps your hair and your scalp, allowing your brush to easily run through your hair and keep your hair smoother. 

You go through more hair fall when dry brushing your hair and in result your hair turns out bushy. You want to form your curls back not stress the hair out so we recommend brushing your hair whilst its wet... trust us!




The number one rule to remember when you’re trying to get your curls back is that moisture will forever be your best friend. Hydrating shampoos, conditioners, shampoo & conditioner combined, leave-in treatments, and deep conditioning hair masks are your new go-to's. The same rule applies to moisture as it does with build-up – moisture can struggle to travel down the curl pattern, meaning it’s not distributed evenly throughout the hair, leading to dry, brittle strands. The variety of hydrating treatments out there for curly hair comes in abundance, so get your hands on all your faves or try multiple products to see which ones work best for you.

Cut out the damage

hair trim

Sometimes, too much heat styling, product build-up, and drying formulas will lead to damaged hair that just can’t be repaired. Start afresh and do the big chop! book in with a professional hairdresser to get all the damage cut out, so you can start with a clean slate. Even if you grow your hair out if your curls are burned out, they will never come back into form so why not? 

Locking in Moisture

olive oil

This is a routine that is done every time on wash day without a doubt! 

After washing your hair, do not towel dry or blow dry your hair, oil your hair whilst its wet! oiling your hair whilst its wet helps the moisture to lock in and give your hair a smoother feel and look. Our personal recommendation would be to use your favourite oil to massage your scalp and your hair then use a light hair grease (such as blue magic)  to go over the whole of your hair, then blow dry on cool settings! This works wonders.

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