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How To Wash Synthetic Wigs

Your go-to guide on how to wash your synthetic wig from start to finish.




Wide-tooth or finger comb to de-tangle your synthetic hair wig. This will make it easier to comb your wig once it's wet.



Prepare warm water , using Wig shampoo/conditioner to clean your wig.

We do not recommend using shampoo/conditioner that you would apply on your natural hair, this may dry out your synthetic wig. Wig shampoo may be specifically built in with ingredients to soften the wig so for best results please use the proper products when washing your wigs.



Again, wide tooth or finger comb your synthetic wigs whilst its wet. Handle with care and wash gently.



Renew the water so its fresh and clean and rinse your wig thoroughly, if needed rinse again to ensure your synthetic wig has been rinsed properly



Pat your wig dry or blow dry. Do not leave your wig hanging wet or scrub your wig with a towel as this will make it tatty and knotted.



We hope this guide on how to wash your Synthetic wigs helped. If it did, leave a comment for us below 



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