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Wig Tips by PBeauty Hair


Prep your hair by braiding 6 or more plaits, (the more braids you do the flatter your hair will be) cover your braids with a wig cap and apply your wig starting from the back first, then pulling it on towards the front. If you're applying a lace wig, trim the lace and blend. If the lace is a different tone to your skin, we recommend using foundation to buff on the lace around the edges of the wig for a seamless blend.


Use a wide tooth brush or finger comb your wig gently to handle it with care.

You can use heat on all of our synthetic wigs up to 280 degrees. If you straighten our curly or wavy styles, this can not be reversed and they will not return to there normal form. When maintaining our curly or wavy styles, use conditioner or a non greasy moisturiser and add it to water and spritz on the wig, leave to air dry.

Store your wig in a satin silk bag or on a mannequin head to keep it from tangling. If your wig knots or becomes matted, regardless of the texture use our conditioner/non-greasy moisturiser method to bring life back to your wig.


  • Do not use harsh chemicals on your wig.
  • Do not use heat resistant sprays or serums on your heat resistant wig as our wigs are already designed with this protecting barrier. Using chemicals before applying heat may damage your wig, please use hair products after heat styling
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