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What are pre orders

PRE-ORDERS are now available at PBeauty Hair.

We're so excited to announce that our brand now accepts pre-orders on selective items for a limited time. We are approaching our busiest times during our business which include holidays and events such as: Halloween, thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and New years. 

Looking at previous years we have always sold out of wigs (which is still an amazing thing!) but a lot of customers were sad that they couldn't get their hands on specific wigs or hair extensions. We would sell out for Halloween and spend weeks in production to do a restock then sell out for Black Friday and as you may already see a pattern, yes we would sometimes be unable to restock and ship in time for Christmas.

Our customers and influencers love our products and we are a hair brand that listens to demands and what customers need! offering pre-orders allows our customers to still place orders on sold out products and for them to go straight into production and to be shipped out as normal! Of course we advise those who are ordering pre ordered items to read our pre-order policy for delivery times.

For those who may not know, pre-order is when you 'pre' order something that isn't in stock but once you place an order, it will go straight into production with the sewing studio to be created. This allows for a brand to be more slow-paced and on demand rather than over stocking.

On our first day of setting it up, we made sales from pre-ordering. Which proves our product is worth waiting for, customers love slow paced on demand and customers love that they still have access to our products.


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